Rates and FAQs

Basic (1-2 Looks)


You're in, you're out! About an hour.
I'll shoot two different backgrounds.

Includes two (2) Basic retouched images.
High resolution downloadable JPGs of your session.

Premium (3-4 Looks)


A little more time to get a few more options for you.
About an hour and a half to two hours.

Includes four (4) Basic retouched images.
High resolution downloadable JPGs of your session.

Deluxe (5+ Looks)


Block out your calendar!
We're going to be spending two - three hours on your shoot.

Includes six (6) Basic retouched images.
High resolution downloadable JPGs of your session.

Coaching and Makeup

Additional Options

Need help figuring out your looks? Let's discuss how some pre-shoot coaching can get you on the right page. Maybe you're overwhelmed by your gallery and how to choose? I can help.

Coaching starts at $35 per half hour.

Makeup starts at $150



NEWS! I'm taking a hiatus from photography in 2023 so if you've been wanting to work with me, you'll want to schedule your session before the end of 2022.

What is coaching and why do I need it?

Actors come to me with different levels of experience. Some have done a lot of work on their brand and market knowledge and know exactly what they want and I'm happy to shoot it. Others may not understand how to style themselves for a particular type or market (Denver vs. Albuquerque vs. LA, etc.).

You may not understand the difference between a commercial shot and a theatrical shot. This is where coaching helps. I can talk you through your business goals and help you get clarity on what you're selling and how to do that with your headshots. It's a one-on-one opportunity to ask the questions you have about optimizing your chances for success!

Coaching rates start at $35 per half hour. We can coach via phone and also do a Zoom session prior to your shoot if you want to go over your looks before the big day. Coaching fees are paid prior to the coaching session. For payment details, see "How do I pay you?".

I can also help you review your gallery and narrow down choices if you find yourself overwhelmed.

How many looks do I need?

That depends on your particular goals and what your representation might be needing if you are working with an agent.

How many pictures will I receive?

At minimum 15 - 20 per look and as many as 50. It just depends on what the goal is for a particular look and your face. Some people have very nuanced, micro expressions where slight changes can produce very different images. Other people may not have as much variety.

What I don't do is send you hundreds and hundreds of images because that only overwhelms you when it comes to picking your "winners."

When will I get my photos and what are high resolution JPGs?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your high resolution photos available to download no later than 5-7 business days from your session. High resolution means they can be printed as 8x10 photos. Web resolution photos don't have the quality to be printed, only used online which, for many situations is where you will use your photos.

These have not been retouched. And they may not need to be retouched depending on the "look" you are going for.

Do I need to get my photos retouched?

Some yes, some no.

Any headshot you have retouched, whether I do it or someone else, needs to look like you FOR REAL! Overly retouching an image only hurts you in the eyes of casting. When you walk in to audition or show up on set, you look the way you look so drastically altering a photo to "get you in the room" will only backfire in the end.

What is Basic Retouching? Can I buy more?

My packages include some Basic retouched images. Basic means they are lighted edited to address red eyes, even out skin tone, take out blemishes, slight stray hairs. I can retouch any of your images for $25 per image.

More complicated retouching involving eyeglasses glare, very frizzy hair, wardrobe "malfunctions" are $35 per image.

Do I need a makeup artist?

That depends on your type and, once again, your goals and your budget. I work with an incredible makeup artist who stays the entire shoot and makes sure your hair and makeup stay fresh. She can make changes to the makeup and hair and, for men, help with any skin tone issues if you are planning a mid-shoot shave.

Not having to worry about that aspect can be a relief. She is another pair of eyes during your shoot and she makes every session better.

Makeup rates are based on work done and how long she stays. For example, her Basic session fee would be slightly lower than a Deluxe session fee. I connect the two of you to talk before the shoot and you pay her directly. Her rates start at $150 per session.

How do I pay you? Is there a deposit required?

I require a $100 non-refundable, transferable deposit to hold a session date. If either you or I felt sick that day and had to reschedule, then you can transfer that deposit to another session date without losing any money.

I accept several forms of payment.
Venmo (@laura-carson-photo)
Zelle (email: laura@lauracarsonphoto.com
Checks (made payable to "Laura Carson Photography")

Payments via PayPal or by clicking through your invoice to pay with a credit card incur an additional 4% service fee.

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